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If you are working on a manuscript or have an idea for a book or electronic learning materials, please let us know about it.

When contacting us, it would be helpful if you had given some thought to the market for the book and any competition. It will also be useful for us to know your own background, reasons for writing the book, and why you think there is a need for it.

For proposals, please contact:
Susan Chua
52 Genting Lane
#06-05 Ruby Land Complex
Block 1
Singapore 349560
Email: susan.chua@hoddereducation.com
Please include the following in your submission:

  • Author curriculum vitae
  • Synopsis (chapter breakdown)
  • Sample chapter (or two depending on length)
  • Any marketing or publicity information that would help to sell such a book
  • Always keep back-up copies of everything you send, and be prepared for a significant delay before you receive a reply as yours is one of many such communications.