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Ensure your child is fully prepared for class with our comprehensive range of supplementary titles and free Parents Guide. Download the Parents Guide below to receive handy articles, tips, troubleshooting charts and information on books to help your child study more effectively. 

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Download our free Parents Guide and offer your children the best support
Receive free articles, tips, troubleshooting charts and title information to help your child study more effectively when you download our free Parents Guide.  
Give your child the extra push with Galore Park
A trusted supplier of pre-test,11+ and 13+ educational resources in the UK
Challenge and engage your students further with study and revision resources designed for the 11+ and 13+ in the UK, but also suitable to offer further challenge and support to your child.

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Primary Chinese
Provide a strong foundation in Chinese based on the latest Ministry of Education syllabus with characters, definitions and full Hanyu Pinyin annotations. 
Find out how to do well in your PSLE English Language Comprehension Paper with key tips and guidance from Lee Yoke Ling, author of Mastering Comprehension: A Practical Guide Primary 5 and Primary 6
Principles of Accounts
Extend and consolidate learning with study points, worked examples and practice questions